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Letters / Newsletters Page 2014

Headteacher's Newsletters

  Meet the Teacher Letter.pdf

  KS1 Infant Sports Day.pdf

  June Newsletter & Dates.pdf

  Art Exhibition Letter.pdf

  Cheerleading continuation letter.pdf

  Year 5 Taster Session at Glossopdale March 2015.pdf

  Staffign Update mar 15.pdf

  School Review Update March 2015.pdf

  Bug Busting Letter.pdf

  Headteacher February Newsletter.pdf

  Safeguarding Letter Update 3rd February.pdf

  Safeguarding Letter 27th January 2015.pdf

  Letter re School Crossing Patrol.pdf

  Diary Dates from January 2015.pdf

  Headteacher January Newsletter.pdf

  Headteacher and Governor Surgery Letter.pdf


  KS1 Curriculum Map Simmondley Primary School 2014-2015.pdf

  Headteachers November newsletter.pdf

  KS2 Curriculum Map Simmondley Primary School 2014-2015.pdf

  Photograph letter.pdf

  Parent Consulation Letter October 2014.pdf

  Headteacher Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Pupil Emergency Contact Form 2014.pdf

  Swimming Parental Info Form 2014.pdf

  First Diary Dates 2014 2015.pdf

This Week at Simmondley

  This week at Simmondley Week 32.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 31.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 30.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 29.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 28.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 27.pdf

  This Week at Simmondley 26.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 25.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 24.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 23.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 22.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 21.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 20.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 19.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 18.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 17.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 16.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 15.pdf

  This week at Simmondley week 14.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 13.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 12.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 11.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 10.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 9.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 8.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 7.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 6.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 5.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 4.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 3 page 2.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 3 page 1.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 2.pdf

  This week at Simmondley 1.pdf

Class Newsletters

  Apples trip Lyme Pary Gruffalo Trail Letter.pdf

  Year 5 and 6 Summer Production Ticket Request.pdf

  Year 5 Whitehall trip balance letter.pdf

  Whitehall Consent form for Year 5 001.jpg

  Willow Class visit to Holy Trinity Church.pdf

  Willow class Northern Chamber Orchestra Letter 11th June.pdf

  Willow Trip Letter 16th July.pdf

  Silver Birch Trip Letter 16th July.pdf

  Maple Trip Letter 1st July.pdf

  Apples Trip Letter to Longdendale 10th June.pdf

  All Year 2 trip to Longdendale 24th June.pdf

  All Year 1 trip to Longdendale 17th June.pdf

  KS2 Sports Day Letter.pdf

  Rowan Summer Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Hedteacher Summer Newsletter.pdf

  Summer Newsletter Beech Class.pdf

  Year 5 Bikeability Letter April 2015.pdf

  Summer Newsletter Willow Class.pdf

  Summer Newslettter Elm Class.pdf

  Silver Birch Summer Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Oak summer term letter 2015.pdf

  Maple summer term letter 2015.pdf

  Hawthorn summer term letter 2015.pdf

  Apples summer term letter 2015.pdf

  Reception Class Letter 17th April.pdf

  Parents Evening Letter April 2015.pdf

  topic letter Spring 2015 Rowan.pdf

  Beech Spring Newsletter January 2015.pdf

  Silver Birch Newsletter 9.1.15.pdf

  Oak Spring 2015 Newsletter.pdf

  Willow Spring Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Silver Birch Spring Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Maple Spring 2015.pdf

  Hawthorn Spring Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Ticket request letter for Hey Ewe & Angel Express.pdf

  Elm Spring Newsletter 2015.pdf

  Forest School Letter Elm Janury 2015.pdf

  Children in Need 2014.pdf

  Oak Spring Newsletter January 2015.pdf

  Cheerleading Joining Letter Sept.pdf

  Apples spring 2015.pdf

  Chestnut Centre Apples & Rowan.pdf

  Class Assemblies Rota.pdf

  History Van Visit October 2014.pdf

  School Disco Letter 14th November 2014.pdf

  Yr 5 Whitehall Trip Initial Letter.pdf

  Year 6 Residential Letter for June 2015.pdf

  Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2014.pdf

  Maple Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Willow Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Silver Birch Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Beech Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Rowan Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Elm Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Chestnut Centre Elm & Beech.pdf

  Oak Sept Newsletter.pdf

  Hawthorn Sept Newsletter.pdf

Reception Newsletters

  Apples week 5 29th June.pdf

  Apples week 6 6th July.pdf

  apples week 4 22nd June.pdf

  Apples week 3 15th June.pdf

  Apples Week 2 8th June.pdf

  Apples week 1 1st June.pdf

  apples week 6 18th May.pdf

  Apples Week 5 May 11th.pdf

  Apples Week 3 27th April.pdf

  Apples week 2 20th April.pdf

  Reception Class Letter 17th April.pdf

  Apples Week 9 9th March.pdf

  Apples Week 8 2nd March.pdf

  Apples Week 7 23rd February.pdf

  Apples Week 6 16th February.pdf

  Apples week 5 2nd February.pdf

  Apples Week 4 26th January.pdf

  Apples week 3 19th January 15.pdf

  Apples Week 1 Newsletter 5th January.pdf

  Apples Week 13 8th December.pdf

  Apples Week 12 1st December.pdf

  Apples Week 11 Newsletter 24th November.pdf

  Apples Week 10 17th November.pdf

  Apples Week 9 Newsletter 10th November.pdf

  This Week In Reception 30 Sep.pdf

  Reception Phonics Workshop Letter.pdf

  Reception Diwali Letter.pdf

  Apples Week 8 Newsletter 3rd November.pdf

  Apples Week 7 newsletter 20th October.pdf

  Apples Week 6 Newsletter 13th Oct.pdf

  Apples Week 5 Newsletter 6th Oct.pdf

  Apples Week 3 Newsletter 22nd September.pdf

  Apples Week 2 newsletter 15th Sept.pdf

  Apples All about Me Letter 1st October.pdf

  Apple Sept Newsletter.pdf

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Our Awards

OFSTED Eco-Schools Bronze Award Science & Engineering Week Award Forest School Food Hygiene Rating 5 The University of Manchester

Our Aims

The aims of the school are:

Our Objectives

The objectives of the school are: