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Apples Class ~ 2015-16

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Class Name:Apple
Teacher:Mrs Horton

Summer Term 2016

Spotting wild flowers

We found buttercups.

Do you like butter?

But no dandelions here.

Look what we found photo 70

Class Trip

We took a walk through the deep dark wood….

We spotted Fox, Owl, and Snake and some of us saw the Gruffalo.

Can you flap like an owl?

We used magic mixture to make smelly smoothies and potions.

We made islands where mouse could live safely. We needed to have food, water, shelter and trees for air.

We used natural materials to make faces for the trees.

We have been learning some favourite stories. Can you re-tell a story to your family?

Our Gingerbread people were really tasty but some ran away. Did you find one?

We followed clues to find where some were hiding.

We watched a play about the Gingerbread man. It had a happy ending.

Nic and Lindsay showed us the chicks that had hatched out that week at Simmondley Pre-school.

After talking about keeping healthy we made a healthy meal for our tea.

Have you ever been in an Ambulance? We have and Phil, a Paramedic, demonstrated how he can help us if we are ill. He helped us to make our teddies better.

Sports Day took place in the first week back. The weather was fine and Blue Team celebrated winning the Trophy.

We celebrated the Queen’s official birthday in style.

We began the Term by looking for signs of Spring in our environment. Our walk took us to Hargate Hill where we also saw many animals including owls, monkeys, parakeets and of course horses.

We have been busy planting seeds to grow flowers and vegetables in our garden. Our onion is growing too. How has it changed?

On Wednesday we made nests for the animals on the ‘Magic Field’
Some had leaves for shelter or to collect water in, soft grass to lie on and some even had toys to play with.
The following week we found a very large egg and, we think, some small Goblin’s eggs.

We sent messages to the animals on the ‘Magic field’ can you read them?

We hope you had a happy ‘ St. George’s Day’. We did.

Rocket Science
We are very excited to be part of planting ‘Seeds from Space’ . We shall be monitoring them closely and presenting our findings after 35 days.

Summer Class Newsletter Apr 2016

Apple Summer Timetable 2016

Spring Term 2016

Spring Term 2

The new term began with an assembly about having the wisdom to make good choices.

Welly Wednesday - We made a list of what we liked/disliked about our outdoor area. We collected litter, planted bulbs, noted signs of spring and sketched spring flowers.

During our first Dance lesson with Amy we pretended to be waves in the sea. We learnt a short dance routine.

Reuben’s Retreat - We met Reu the Rainbow Gnu and listened to his lovely story. The book can be bought from Reuben’s Retreat website.

World Book Day - We came to school ready for a bedtime story and shared our favourite books.

Mothers’ Day Tea - We baked cookies and made sandwiches for our tea party. Thank you to everyone who braved the snow to be there. We hope you enjoyed the food and the singing, and had a relaxing Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

Kung Hey Fat Choy

We ended the half term celebrating Chinese New Year.
The children made a Chinese Restaurant.
Writing menus
Making table reservations
Taking orders
Cooking food
Giving service with a smile especially when the bill was paid!

We found out how Chinese people will be celebrating Chinese New Year, the ‘Year of the Monkey’, and we listened to stories about how the Years got their names. Some of us were born in the year of the Tiger and some in the Year of the Rabbit.
We played games, sent cards, made dragons copied Chinese writing, danced to Chinese music and tasted Chinese food.

Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake races were great fun especially when we tried to toss them.
Then we made real ones and tried sweet and sour toppings to see which we liked best.

Puzzle Day
Our challenge was to work as a team, taking turns to complete a puzzle and working out the best way to solve a problem and win the game.

We have been following Tim Peake’s experiences in the International Space Station and learning about our Solar System on the CBeebies Stargazing website

Here we are proudly wearing our Space badges

After playing ‘listening games’ and making instruments, the children made their own bands and performed songs for Mrs Bruce’s class.

Spring Term Class Newsletter

Autumn Term 2015

During ‘Road Safety Week’ our school crossing patrol ladies talked to the Reception children about their jobs and how to keep safe when we cross the road.

On Welly Wednesday we collected natural evergreen materials to make Advent wreaths.

We were so proud of the children’s performance in the Christmas Concert.

This week our outdoor challenge was to work in a group to make a Christmas tree using newspaper and tape.

I’ll just have a quick read first!

We took part in the countdown to the launch of the Space Rocket with British astronaut Tim Peake on board.

Our own ‘astronauts‘ then jetted into Space!

Term Two
We began the Term talking about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. We enjoyed dancing like sparkling fireworks.

Children in Need
This week we wrote shopping lists and went to the Co-op to buy ingredients to make Pudsey biscuits.

We dressed in pyjamas or onesies.

At the end of October we celebrated Diwali. Mrs. Wood shared her family customs with us and we listened to the story of how Rama beat the demons.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt. Using our senses to explore the ‘Magic Field’ we noticed the changes taking place.
Rosie spotted a ‘fairy umbrella’. When we looked it up in a book we found it was a Shaggy Parasol. Look out for signs of Autumn on your way to and from school. We would love to know what you find.

Exploring water on a rainy day.

We celebrated Harvest time by making bread like the Little Red Hen. We thought about where our food actually comes from. We shared fruit, talked about the foods which keep us healthy and how we can help people who don’t have enough to eat.

Space Week
Our Journey to Mars.

We have a ticket which will be on the next flight to Mars.

Did you know Mars has two ice caps. It has craters and it has the largest volcano in the Solar System. This is what we think Mars looks like.

Some of us would like to be astronauts and fly to Mars.

In the Celebration Assembly this week we won the cup for being the best class in the school for recycling and energy conservation.
Hope was awarded Teddy to look after for a week because she always eats all her dinner.

Our first time at ‘big’ school has been full of exciting and new experiences.
We have been exploring our areas and making new friends.

We are learning where things are in our classroom, how to get them out and tidy them away.

We are enjoying outdoor play

We made magic potions

Our first Wellie Wednesday. We all put on our wellies to explore the ‘magic’ field.

We collected natural materials to make pictures.

During this term, ’Phil’ or ’Sophie’ will be coming home with your child. Just choose one of their philosophical questions to discuss with your child and record your ideas in the book.

Class Newsletter Autumn 2015

Class timetable Autumn 2015

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