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Class Name:Willow
Teacher:Mrs Bradbury

Summer Term 2016

This term we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. We have started our topic by creating a timeline and asking lots of questions.

Class Newsletter Apr 2016

Spellings Summer Term1

Spring Term 2016

Spellings Spring Term 2

As part of our topic on water, we have been finding out how water is cleaned before it comes into school and our houses. We had a go at cleaning some dirty water by designing a filter system. Some of them worked better than others! We still didn’t want to drink any of the water though.

In Willow class today (9/2/16), we were making fraction museums to help us learn in maths. We made little exhibitions to show what we know about fractions. We wrote on cards to explain what fractions our models showed. It was fun and we enjoyed it a lot, while learning even more about fractions.

Spring 2016 Timetable

To see the spellings Willow class are learning this term click here

Class Newsletter Spring Term Jan 2016

This week, we have been learning all about magnets. We investigated different materials to find out which were magnetic and non magnetic. We learnt about magnetic fields by looking at iron filings. Then we tested the strength of different magnets. Here are some pictures of us working scientifically.

Autumn Term 2015

Information on spelling

As a school, we have decided to review our teaching of spelling. We have found that children are often able to learn their words for a test but struggle to apply them in context in their own writing. To help children to become good writers, we have decided to change the way that we teach spelling. All children now have a spelling journal, which they keep in school. This acts as a personal record for children of their learning in spelling sessions, as well as a place for them to record any work that they do and key words to learn. Spelling sessions take place in short bursts on most days. As a school, we are putting more emphasis on teaching children strategies for learning and retaining their spellings, as well as teaching them what to do if they get stuck at the point of writing.

Children will now bring home a small yellow book, in which they will have recorded their weekly spellings on a Monday. They should practise these at home during the week. They need to bring the book back into school on Fridays for a spelling test.

I will continue to print the words on a small sheet, so that children can stick them in. Please ask your child about the different ways of practising their words, which we have used in school. They should be starting to use joined up writing now. If you feel that using handwriting lines will help you child to practise, you can download and print lots of different versions from these websites.

If you would like another copy of our school handwriting script and teaching sequence, please ask Miss Adderley.

Our trip to Chester.

Learning how mirrors work.

Our ticket to Mars!

Class Newsletter Autumn 2015

Class Timetable Autumn 2015

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