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Class Name:Oak
Teacher:Mrs Monaghan

Summer Term 2016

Today we were lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine whilst participating in forest schools with Mr Smith. Our target was to construct the tallest structure out of natural material, not sure we managed to do that but has a good time building dens to shelter from the sun!

Today (Wednesday 18th May) we enjoyed an animation workshop which was linked to our Tim Peake Primary Project.

Just a quick note to let you know how SATS went this week.
This is how we prepared:

And this was how we celebrated the end:

On Wednesday 27th April we had an afternoon with our Space and STEM ambassador, Mr G Brock. He brought along a range of activities that simulated some of the skills that astronauts need to have in order to work and survive in space. He also talked about the range of careers and opportunities that are and will be available to the children in years to come.

We will be spending some time this term preparing and doing some last minute revision for the SATS which will begin on Monday 9th May.

SATS Timetable

Key stage 2 SATS Dates for 2016
Monday 9 May - English reading test
Tuesday 10 May - English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: spelling; English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: questions
Wednesday 11 May - mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic; mathematics Paper 2: reasoning
Thursday 12 May - mathematics Paper 3: reasoning

Here are some websites our Year 6 pupils might find helpful with KS2 SAT’s Revision!


The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions
to help you prepare for the National Tests in English.

BBC Bitesize - English

These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to
help students with their revision.

Woodlands Junior - English Revision

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


You might like to try some spelling practise on this BBC spelling site

BBC Spellits

and this site too

Ambleside Primary

For spelling practice, Ambleside Primary offer an automated Look, Cover, Write, Check
word bank. Really useful for brushing up on Key Stage 2 spellings.

In 2013 the government introduced a new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test. You
can try some online quizzes we collected, or download our grammar checklist (we also have
a checklist for level 6).

This site will help with the new spelling, grammar and punctuation tests

Compare4kids - Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation


Get your head around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Take a
visit to Gere’s Bike Shop and help them read their graphs and charts. Practise
working out the mode, median and mean for a set of numbers. Take a look at
time, mass and capacity. Investigate the properties of different shapes. Get your
brain ticking with some mental maths questions.

BBC Schools Bitesize Maths

A daily practise to keep those brain cells sharp

Compare4kids - Maths

Practise your tables with the games and activities on this fun site. - multiplication

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Skillswise - Numbers

Woodlands Junior School has several fun online interactive activities to help
not only improve your mental maths skills, but also to help you with SATs
Revision too!

Woodlands Junior - Maths

We all really enjoyed the Image Theatre’s production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ on Monday 18th April. Lyla, Jasmine and Poppy made excellent weasels!

Class Newsletter April 2016

Spring Term 2016

As this week was ‘Shakespeare live’ week we have enjoyed looking at some of the other plays Shakespeare wrote and looking more closely at the words he used and finding ones that we still use today – voted the most popular phrase still in use today ‘goodness gracious’.

As a class we watched a adaptation of ‘A midsummer’s Night Dream’ and were one of over 10,000 schools who took part in the live lesson which looked at Henry V, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Macbeth.

This term we have been doing tag-rugby with Natalie – we have finally learnt to throw the ball backwards.

Forensic Science day 14.3.16

We had to discover who the culprit was who had robbed the safe. We were given instructions on fingerprints, shoe prints, hair samples and DNA. Happy to say every group found the guilty suspect.

Oak and Hawthorn taking part in a snowman building competition!


We had a wonderful day at Jodrell Bank, visiting the Star Pavilion where we did a Solar System workshop, the Space Pavilion where we all sat inside an inflatable planetarium and learnt about the constellations and marvelled at the size of the Lovell telescope.

Inside the Star Pavilion

The Lovell Telescope

The Space Pavilion

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to take part in the Happy Puzzle day, some of us found some of the puzzles more challenging than others. Special mention needs to go to Heather, Jennifer and Jasmine who were absolutely brilliant at solving the problems quickly and worked well as a team.

Spring 2016 Class Newsletter

Autumn Term 2015

We have had a very busy end to the term, but we have all worked really hard and enjoyed our Christmas party and all the students read and sang beautifully in the Carol Concert.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and we will see you all again in the New Year.

Tim Peake Primary Project

We have received our space diaries in school and have been completing our pre-launch activities – these have involved seeing how ‘fit’ we are!

We have had to balance, jump to the moon and get used to floating.
We are also preparing for the launch on 15.12.15 by watching some of the video clips available on the ESA website.

We had a very interesting assembly and workshop delivered by the NSPCC ChildLine schools team about keeping safe and happy on Friday 11th December.
We learnt a lot and asked some very searching questions.

Our Learning Culture
In year 6, we are trying to develop a ’Growth Mindset’. Many of us have a ’Fixed Mindset’, and this can often hinder our learning/ progress. Take a look at the differences between the two mindsets:

The biggest difference in the Mindsets is that in the FIXED mindset, people believe that you were born with talents/ gifts/ ability, whereas the GROWTH mindset believes that they can all be developed.

In our class, we are focusing on MAKING MISTAKES and ASKING QUESTIONS. Both are crucial to learning. Remember, we NEED to QUESTION everything, and make MISTAKES. Then we learn. Then we QUESTION everything again, and make more MISTAKES. Then we learn AGAIN!!!!

To improve our English, at home we need to read, read, read!! Lots of us have been ’stealing’ ideas/ vocabulary/ super sentence starters from our reading books to use in our writing...the more we read, the better we write. Remember, non - fiction is encouraged too - newspapers, magazines, information books.....are all reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

Responding to Reading

In class, we always respond to our books by working on different tasks. These can range from writing an alternative ending, looking at why the writer chose to use specific language in a particular part of the book, to comparing characters and how they behave in a book. If we do this at home, we will have a better understanding of the text we are reading and will be able to transport some of what we are learning into other areas e.g. creating our own fictional character or finding information to inform a persuasive letter we are writing.

When reading at home, the following questions will support understanding of the text:

This term, we will be working on improving our descriptive writing. We will study a range of techniques, such as the impact of figurative language, and the effectiveness of ’show, not tell’. We will be studying Classical Poems in our English lessons, we intend to base our descriptions on experiences of one of the characters, Lucy Gray, by William Wordsworth.

Websites to help us improve our maths:
Practising your maths at home, even just 20 minutes every night, will help you become more confident with maths in school. Try these websites:

BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths

Teaching Tables

Maths Zone

Maths is Fun

Woodlands Junior School

This half term we are doing circuit training and table tennis. In circuit training we are concentrating on improving our fitness and stamina.
Please remember, PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday, so make sure you bring your kit!

Thank you to all those who sent in cereal boxes, this is what we made!

Our ticket to Mars!

Christmas arrived early in Oak this year, we hope you like our designs.

We had our first wet play of the year and spent the time playing chess, Uno, doing tongue twisters and creating models with Lego.

(w/b 14/7/15)

We have made a good start in Oak, we have produced some lovely art and thought of some interesting questions to research in our Ancient Greek topic.

This half term we will also be working with Natalie – a dance teacher – and hope to produce a sports themed group dance.

(wb 14/7/15)

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a good holiday and that everyone is looking forward to their new class.
For our topic this term we will be looking at Ancient Greece, why not have a head start and browse the BBC primary history schools site:

BBC Primary History Ancient Greeks

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Autumn Term 1 Timetable

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