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Ticket to Mars!

Headline NewsRecently all our children took part in projects and activities about Mars during ’Space Week’. Following on from this, they were excited to learn in a special assembly that they will play a part in NASA’s ’Journey to Mars’ mission which is aiming to land humans on Mars by the 2030s. In March 2016 NASA will launch the InSight Mars Lander as the next stage of this project. This spacecraft is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars sometime during September 2016. It will spend approximately two years on the planet, delving deep into its surface to investigate its structure.

Each of our classes has been registered with NASA and has received a ticket to Mars! Each class name will be stored on a microchip that will be on board the InSight Lander on its journey to the ’red planet’ and will, hopefully, land there in September. We will post updates on the launch date and time when we know the details as it may be possible to watch the launch as NASA usually broadcast these live on their website.

If you wish to view your child’s class ticket to Mars just go to their class page - they are also on display in school.

For further information on the InSight Lander and the ’Journey to Mars’ mission have a look at NASA’s excellent website. NASA Journey to Mars

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