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Apples Class ~ 2016/17

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Class Name:Apples
Teacher:Mrs Horton

Summer Term 2017.

We had a real taste of France this week thanks to Mrs Crosse and Mrs Peers. We can now sing “Heads, shoulders knees and toes” and “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” in French. The croissants were yummy too.

Pirate Day

Ahoy Shipmates!

Trip to the Chestnut Centre
We all had a brilliant day finding Buffy’s mummy and learning how important it is to care for the environment.

What do our teddy bears need to survive in the wood?
P plants
A air
W water
S shelter.

We played games to save the trees from being chopped down

And each bear collected the things they needed to survive.

Then we tried ‘worm charming’. Can you spot the worm?

"We’re going on a mini-beast hunt……"

We sat in the Giant’s footprint!

How many summer flowers can you spot?

Do you like butter?

After many years of waiting we finally have our new safe surface. We now have a secure outdoor area we can use all year round.



At the start of the Term we noticed a lot of ‘pollution’ in the outdoor area such as toffee papers and empty crisps packets. The children decided to clear up the rubbish so that the area would be a better place for us to play and for little creatures to live.

Some children made a bug hotel for the mini beasts they had found.

Sports coaching

We are having fun outdoors improving our control, co-ordination and ball skills as well as working in a team and following instructions.


When Eliot brought his volcano into class. We were not sure what was going to happen.

Jack and the Beanstalk

We practised re-telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and drew story boards. Then we invited Holly Class (Y2/1) to come and listen to our stories.

BUT we found odd things in our class room.

Then a letter arrived from Joe the Giant. We wrote letters back to him and he was so pleased that he left us some treats.

Friday (19 May) was Mrs Berry’s last day and she came to say goodbye. We wish her good health and happiness in her retirement.

Summer Term 1 Newsletter 2017

Summer Term Timetable 2017

Spring Term 2017.

Welly Wednesday
There were lots of sticks and branches on our ‘Magic’ Field. We collected them to make broomsticks . Where would you like to fly to?

Zulu Nation
Simmondley Pre-school joined us for the morning performances . We took part in the afternoon workshop and performed a dance with the Zulu Warriors for our families to watch.

Wet Play
Just look what you can do in the rain….

Happy Mothers’ Day
We invited our mums to come for tea. We made them their favourite sandwiches, krispie buns and ‘red nose day ‘ cakes and we sang songs just for them.

Happy St David’s Day

We dressed up for World Book Day. What’s your favourite story?

‘Where’s Wally’ meets The Gruffalo.

We went on a walk to the woods and noted all the signs of spring we saw and heard.

Fair Trade Fortnight

We filled our lunch boxes with Fair Trade products. Look out for the special logo next time you go shopping to support the farmers in getting a fair price for their produce.

Shrove Tuesday
What is your favourite pancake topping? Most children chose a sweet topping,, but a few liked sour lemon juice with sweet sugar.

We had pancake races.

We began the Term singing and dancing, making musical instruments and copying rhythms.

The ‘listening’ games were great fun.

’Kung Hei Fat Choy’

We have been learning about how Chinese people will be celebrating the Chinese New Year, the ‘Year of the Rooster’, and we listened to stories about how the Years got their names. We were born in the year of the Dragon.
We played games, sent cards, made dragons copied Chinese writing, danced to Chinese music and tasted Chinese food.

Class Assembly
What a brilliant performance. We are so proud of you. Evan, Chloe and Vinny made a great dragon.

Spring Term 2017 newsletter
Spring Term 2017 Timetable

Autumn Term 2016.

Merry Christmas!

During Road Safety Week we practised using the ‘Green Cross Code’ and carried out a traffic survey along Pennine Road. Mrs. Carson visited the children to talk about her job.

Welly Wednesday Challenges

Can you work in a group to plan and make a maze.

Can your group make a Christmas tree using paper and tape.

We even made decorations for our trees.

Eco Cup

We are proud to have won the Eco cup twice this term by saving energy and recycling waste material.

We have practised and performed our Christmas concert.

Author Damian Harvey told us some of his stories. They were very funny. Look out for Damian’s books in Glossop Library.

We began the Term making smelly potions.

It was time to harvest our sunflower seeds
We all needed to help pull it up.

Last week we wrote shopping lists and went to the Co-Op to buy ingredients to make Pudsey biscuits.

A big thank you to Chloe’s Granddad for his wonderful stories about Curly Tail. You have us all enthralled.

Year 6 children come to read to us as well.

Mr. Billson, our school Governor, made this dragon to brighten up our outdoor area.

We made crowns to become ‘Autumn‘ kings and queens. How many Autumn colours did we find?

We made bread rolls just like ‘The Little Red Hen’ did. But we shared the dough so everyone could have one.

We ended the term by celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Our first time at ‘big’ school has been full of exciting and new experiences.
We have been exploring our areas and making new friends.

We are learning where things are in our classroom, how to get them out and tidy them away.
We are enjoying outdoor play

We have planted bulbs and flowers to make our area look nice.

During this term, Phil or Sophie will be coming home with your child. Just choose one of their philosophical questions to discuss with your child and record your ideas in the book.

Class newsletter Sept 2016

Class timetable Sept 2016

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