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Apples Class ~ 2017/18

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Class Name:Apples
Teacher:Mrs Horton

Summer Term 2018.

We ended the term with our Class Assembly. We had a lot of fun deciding what to do and everyone was amazing. Well done.

Later we were invited to a story session with Rowan class who had written their own Mr Men and Little Miss Stories.

Second day back and we were off on our Trip to find the Gruffalo.

Can you spot fox and owl?

We made smelly potions,

And made a house for the mouse.

Back at school we had a Gruffalo day when we made Gruffalo masks, painted pictures, made cakes and mouse ears.

We have watched our frogspawn changing from tadpoles to frogs. The little frogs kept escaping so they needed to be taken back to their own pond.

We have made a book about our day out for you to read. Please could you return it the following school day.

Thank you.

Terrific Tuesdays
The lovely weather has enabled us enjoy playing on the ‘magic’ field. We played Farmers and Foxes and Jessica found that if she sat on her tail the ‘Farmers’ couldn’t get it!!!
Then we had snack around the fire pit.

The following week water play was perfect for keeping us cool.

Next we needed to find sticks as long as our arm. We used them to make a fire and toast our marshmellows.

We began the Summer Term with a ‘Senses Walk’ finding items which felt rough, smooth, items which we could smell, ones which were natural or man made and things which were yellow or red.

We had the opportunity to play cricket, learning new skills.

Our gardens needed tidying but which are weeds and which are plants?

We found that lots of different animals lay eggs including frogs and we have been given some frogspawn from a garden pond. We are watching it closely to see how it grows and changes.

Which animal laid this egg?

We have been pretending to be knights like St. George.
We made shields and sent messages to the dragon. I wonder if it will answer them?

Everyone has planted a sunflower seed and we are waiting to see what will happen.
We have also planted peas, peppers and lettuce seeds.

Class Newsletter Apr 2018

Spring Term 2018.

On Terrific Tuesday we held our own ‘Winter Olympics’ - with lots of team work.

Sledging was a popular sport.

Some tried ice hockey too.

World Book Day
The children shared their favourite books and hunted to find some of the characters.

Tea Party
We invited Mums or Grans for afternoon tea, making sandwiches, cakes and biscuits.

Apples and Rowan have new water play equipment which has been purchased with the money raised last Year in our sponsored Teddy Bear Hunt. Thanks again to everyone who supported us.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We have been learning about how Chinese people will be celebrating the Chinese New Year, the ‘Year of the Dog’, and we listened to stories about how the Years got their names. Some of us were born in the year of the Dragon and some in the Year of the Snake.
We played games, sent cards, made dragons, copied Chinese writing, danced to Chinese music, made ‘moon buns’ and tasted Chinese food.

We began the Term thinking about our ‘senses’. The ‘listening’ games were great fun.

We practised our road safety skills.

This term the children have taken part in games lessons with a coach from UK sports,.

and Country Dancing.

On Safer Internet Day we discovered how everyone can be connected.

Class Newsletter Jan 2018

Autumn Term 2017.

We met ‘Buddy’ the speech bubble who told us it was ok to Speak Out to Stay Safe.

Christmas Dinner
Pulling crackers was great fun, if a bit of a challenge, and then we tucked into a delicious Christmas dinner.

Party Day
The Reception children joined Key Stage 1 for fun and games in the Hall before meeting a very important person in their classroom.

Our term ended with a carol service in the Hall followed by coffee and mince pies for our guests.

Christmas is coming!
It is our first big Christmas show for the whole school on Friday. Thank you for sending in clothes in time for this dress rehearsal. We have been practising very hard and are very excited about performing our show for you.
The little elves have built a workshop in our room and we are helping them make toys and wrap presents .
Who can make the longest paper chain?

We have recorded a Christmas carol for High Peak radio so please tune in and vote for our school. Thank you.

Road Safety Week
June came into class to talk to the children about how to cross the road safely.

Remember to keep away from the kerb and always hold a grown up’s hand when crossing the road. Always walk.

Anti-Bullying Week
Who is your friend? What makes a good friend? Are you a good friend? We shared our ideas in a special assembly with the rest of the school.

Children in Need
This week we wrote shopping lists and went to the Co-op to buy ingredients to make Pudsey biscuits.

We dressed up in slippers and night clothes. We made Pudsey Biscuits.

We followed clues to find where Pudsey was hiding.

We made lots of Pudseys with play dough. How many can you count?

Den Building
This week’s outdoor challenge was to build a den. The children showed great team work and were very resourceful finding ways to join materials. Some groups even had chairs and food in their dens.

Outdoors is lots of fun……
We made crowns to become ‘Autumn‘ kings and queens.
We collected natural materials to make pictures.
How many autumn colours did we find?

We made bread rolls just like ‘The Little Red Hen’ did. But we shared the dough so everyone could have one.

We ended the term with a party to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.
We used clay to make diva lamps.
We decorated our areas with rangoli patterns and some of us decorated our hands with mendhi.
We wore special clothes and shared Indian food.

Our first time at ‘big’ school has been full of exciting and new experiences.
We have been exploring our areas and making new friends.

We are learning where things are in our classroom, how to get them out and tidy them away.
We are enjoying outdoor play.

We have planted bulbs and flowers to make the playground look nice.

During this term, Phil or Sophie will be coming home with your child. Just choose one of their philosophical questions to discuss with your child and record your ideas in the book. Don’t forget to draw a picture too.

Class Newsletter Sept 2017

Apples Class Timetable Sept 2017

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