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Apples Class ~ 2017/18

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Class Name:Apples
Teacher:Mrs Horton

Autumn Term 2017.

Outdoors is lots of fun……
We made crowns to become ‘Autumn‘ kings and queens.
We collected natural materials to make pictures.
How many autumn colours did we find?

We made bread rolls just like ‘The Little Red Hen’ did. But we shared the dough so everyone could have one.

We ended the term with a party to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.
We used clay to make diva lamps.
We decorated our areas with rangoli patterns and some of us decorated our hands with mendhi.
We wore special clothes and shared Indian food.

Our first time at ‘big’ school has been full of exciting and new experiences.
We have been exploring our areas and making new friends.

We are learning where things are in our classroom, how to get them out and tidy them away.
We are enjoying outdoor play.

We have planted bulbs and flowers to make the playground look nice.

During this term, Phil or Sophie will be coming home with your child. Just choose one of their philosophical questions to discuss with your child and record your ideas in the book. Don’t forget to draw a picture too.

Class Newsletter Sept 2017

Apples Class Timetable Sept 2017

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