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Maple Class ~ 2017/18

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Year:Year 4
Class Name:Maple
Teacher:Mrs Hewitt

Summer Term 2018.

Homework picture 15/5/18

Homework picture 8/5/18

Homework picture 1/5/18

Homework picture 17/4/18

English homework picture

Spring Term 2018.

What an amazing day we had!

Jenny from the history van had classes Maple and Willow take part in all sorts of activities related to our History topic: the Anglo-Saxons.

To begin with the children lived a day in the life of monks and nuns. First they used pestles and mortars to crush oak galls and make ink. They then had to practise their beautiful handwriting of Illuminated letters using quills and ink. They also learned how Anglo Saxons made parchment by stretching animal skin, pinning it down and smoothing it out. In the afternoon we played old fashioned games, tried on Anglo- Saxon helmets and clothes and finally challenged each other in the great battle.

Jenny complimented both classes for how well they took part in all the activities and how sensibly they behaved. Well done children!

A clearer picture to go with the English homework.

Class Newsletter Jan 2018

Autumn Term 2017.

Colourful Maple leaves in autumn, brightening our cloakroom area.

Our fantastic self-portraits for our French Display.

Different Roman Mosaics demonstrating our neat and careful work for our Roman Topic.

Designing our own Roman Mosaics using squared paper.

Class Newsletter Sept 2017

Class Timetable Sept 2017

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